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Estuary is an account I wrote in the immediate aftermath of my father’s death.  It’s factual in every respect but it serves as an act of homage as well as an aide memoire.

I never really got on with my dad for most of my life but in the end he had a series of strokes which put a burden on my mum that proved to be beyond her.  We brought them both down to Pompey,  where Lin and I were living,  and found a flat across the road where we could look after them

Estuary is the story of the years that followed,  a journey that taught me an enormous amount about myself,  the blessings of my marriage,  and – at the very end of his life – the father I never thought I’d ever get to know.  It is,  as it has to be,  a deeply personal book.  But one I’m thankful I had the opportunity to write.

Graham Hurley