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Chronological List of French Pub Dates

Ahead of the transmission (on France2) or the first two Faraday adaptations,  French readers are asking for a full list of books from the series available in translation.  So here it is...


Disparu En Mer       Published in hardback by Editions du Masque in September 2003.   Published in MMP (Mass Market Paperback) by Gallimard in Folio Policier in September 2004


Coup Sur Coup      Editions du Masque in September 2003.   Folio Policier in September 2004


Les Anges Brises du Somerstown     Editions du Masque in September 2004.  Folio Policier in September 2006


La Nuit du Naufrage     Editions du Masque in February 2006.  Folio Policier in October 2007


Les Quais de la Blanche     Editions du Masque in April 2007.   Folio Policier in September 2008


Du Sang et Du Miel     Editions du Masque in May 2008Folio Policier in September 2010


Sur La Mauvaise Pente    Editions du Masque in October 2009.  Folio Policier in June 2011


De l'Autre Cote de l'Ombre     Editions du Masque in May 2011.  Folio Policier in 2013


No Lovelier Death  (sans titre francais en ce moment)    To be published in 2012