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A Pompey Must

This is a blatant plug for an artist I much admire. His name is Nigel Grundy and he's spent a great deal of time turning various corners of Old Portsmouth and Southsea into unforgettable drawings. I have a couple of his prints hanging on my study wall. We live in Devon now but a glance at Nigel's take on (for instance) The Slipway at Point, or The Hard at Portsea, or Castle Road, Southsea, takes me straight back to my Pompey days. This guy has an exceptional and very rare talent - and if the Faraday books have whetted your appetite for finding out more about Portsmouth, then Nigel's new book "Requiem" is a must. Each of the 70+ drawings comes with a page of the best kind of history: affectionate reminiscence salted with fascinating facts. It pains a writer to say so, but "Requiem" is conclusive proof that a picture is worth a thousand words.