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"Backstory" Gathers Speed

Your grateful scribe is happy to report that e-copies of "Backstory" are flying off the Kindle shelf.  This is the book-length account of how and why I penned the Faraday series,  an exploration of the pros and cons of crime writing in a savagely competitive marketplace.  Think one of those "Extra" features on movie DVDs.  Some readers are finding it really helpful in understanding what it takes to get alongside working cops.  Others have gone back to the series with a series of fresh perspectives. 

Here's a typical reaction from Dave Roberts,  an ex-cop who now lives in Canada.


             I finally finished Backstory and just have to shake my head at the amount of research you have put into the series. The huge bonus is the interesting people you have met along the way. To cap it all, the book intro page has a quote from another great author, James Lee Burke. Although separated by a large lump of water you have both created great main characters and dangerously interesting secondary characters. I would like to see Paul Winter and Clete Purcel doing the rounds of the Pompey pubs - the mind boggles!             I will always cherish the Faraday series and the real characters that inhabited them. And now, on to Jimmy Suttle!! All the best, Dave