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Last Flight to Stalingrad

Last Flight to Stalingrad is the fifth novel in the Spoils of War series.  It features a maverick Georgian journalist, Mikhail Magalashvili, who’s arrived in Berlin and relaunched himself as Werner Nehmann.  He catches the eye of Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels, who senses a kindred spirit.  Like Goebbels himself, Nehmann has an eye for the ladies and little regard for the truth.  He also turns out to be a writer of genius, prepared to pull any stroke to brighten the future of the Thousand Year Reich. Goebbels entrusts him with a personal mission, involving a Czech starlet with whom the Minister has fallen in love, but Nehmann takes one risk too many and must now pay the price.  His latest – and perhaps last - assignment from the Ministry of Propaganda?  To head east, and hunt for good news in the ashes of what is already a national catastrophe.  Last Flight to Stalingrad is a story of murderous payback, and clinical revenge. What begins as a battle, ends in a slaughterhouse.  But who is prepared to foot the butcher’s bill?

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