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Touching Distance

A working life dedicated to murder enquiries exacts a savage price.  After the collapse of his marriage and the traumas of a relationship with the daughter he rarely sees, D/S Jimmy Suttle is plunged into a series of killings that will test him to the limit.

Michael Corrigan, shot through the head at the wheel of his car on a lonely moorland road.  The only witness?  His two year old son, strapped into the rear child seat.  Within days, two more killings,  equally professional, and equally motiveless. Teasing some kind of investigative sense from this carnage is a very big ask but pressure for an early arrest is growing by the day.  From the media.  From the politicians. And from the public at large.

Suttle’s estranged wife, meanwhile, is embarked on an investigation of her own.  Back in the world of journalism, she finds herself within touching distance of the story that will make her name.  But that story leads to the heart of Suttle’s triple murder enquiry.

Two crusades.  Three bodies.  And the terrifying possibility of more carnage to come.

A single shot.  Then death moves on.