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"Plot, characterisation, action and more twists and turns than a ball of wool - that's Graham Hurley. Pick him up for the kind of book you thought was no longer written. Or you will be sorry." 

Alex Dickson, "Authors Face to Face", Radio Clyde

“Hurley’s Portsmouth-based series gets better with each book. He handles multiple storylines skilfully with – as always – vividly realised characters. Hurley is now firmly at the top, with few rivals in this genre.”

Sunday Telegraph

“These are how crime novels should be written and they push Hurley right to the forefront of British crime writers, where he richly deserves to be.”

Independent on Sunday

“Dark, gritty, engrossing and totally believable”

Reviewing the Evidence

“Interesting characters and strong storylines drive these books along at high speed

Financial Times

“It is difficult to believe that Graham Hurley could write a better novel than The Take, but he has done it. Angels Passing is tough, gritty and unsparing.”

Toronto Globe and Mail

“Hurley is in some ways a South Coast answer to Ian Rankin – before long, I suspect, he’ll be just as famous.”

Morning Star

“There is no one writing better police procedurals today than Graham Hurley. He gives an almost cinematic quality to the narrative, creating a convincing sense of watching a real team of detectives at work.”

Daily Telegraph

“As the gripping plots intertwine, Graham Hurley once again unearths, with realism, the moral rot of crime within the city, while delving into the internal dynamics of the police force. The results are simply riveting. A writer who deserves to win the Crime Novel of the Year…”

Peterborough Evening News

“It’s a mystery in itself why Hurley is not better known as a crime writer. His Joe Faraday police procedural novels are spot on - well-written and plotted, utterly convincing, and really exciting. Beyond Reach is an excellent and complex crime novel.”

Daily Mail

“I read the final chapters of Borrowed Light at racing speed, desperate to find out what happened to each of the characters. All Hurley’s Faraday books have been good, but this one is simply extraordinary.”

Morning Star

“The Faraday and Winter series has done what John Harvey did with Resnick in Nottingham, or Ian Rankin with Rebus in Edinburgh, with increasing flair and deepening feeling. It really deserves a place in the British pantheon.”

Crime Time

“ No one intertwines parallel plots with more ingenuity than Hurley, or more surprises, or portrays the reality of social life in contemporary Britain with such depressing accuracy.”

The Australian