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"Western Approaches" Hits the Bookshops

The week before last saw the publication of Western Approaches - first in the new spin-off Jimmy Suttle series after the end of the Pompey novels - plus Strictly No Flowers,  an e-book available on all platforms.  Both books come from Orion,  and both books are a bit of a departure after a decade in the company of Joe Faraday and Paul Winter.  Small wonder, therefore,  that yours truly has been a tad nervous about reader reaction. I'm glad to report,  though,  that comments to date - fielded largely through this website - have been more than supportive.  As have the reviews that have so far appeared. 

Dragging Jimmy Suttle down to the West Country was always going to be a gamble but I'm beginning to get the feeling that this act of kidnap may have worked.  Western Approaches is very different in style and focus,  compared to the Pompey books:  a smaller cast list,  less clamour,  no big city edginess,  but plenty to stretch Suttle to his limits - both professionally and in his (rather fraught) private life.  The Faraday books offered a portrait of a particular UK city,  seen through the eyes of both the Good Guys and the Bad,  throughout the course of an entire decade.  The new series will explore the pressures on a young family,  trying to weather the demands of three impossible jobs:  crime fighting,  investigative journalism,  and parenthood. 

Will they survive intact?  Stay tuned....