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No Lovelier Death

A teenager throws a party while her parents are away, with horrific consequences. The invitation to Rachel's party is put out on Facebook and more than a hundred kids descend on the house in the affluent suburb. The party turns into a riot and the property is trashed. And before the night is over, Rachel and her boyfriend are dead. With two bodies, one the daughter of a high-profile judge, a massive crime scene and over a hundred suspects, DI Faraday is confronted with a nightmare investigation. But someone else wants to find the killer...the man next door who has promised to keep an eye on things feels he owes the judge a debt.  The neighbour in question?  Bazza Mackenzie,  Pompey's top criminal who made his fortune in class "A" drugs.  The lieutenant in his organisation charged with getting the job done?  Ex-cop Paul Winter.