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The Price of Darkness

D/C Paul Winter has gone undercover in an attempt to infiltrate the inner circle of the city's premier drug baron, Bazza Mackenzie. Adrift in a world of easy money and brutally hard-won respect, Winter appears to be in his element. Worryingly so.
But headquarters' concerns about Winter are soon supplanted by two high-profile Portsmouth murders. In the first, a property developer is shot dead with clinical efficiency, thus triggering Operation Billhook. Next, a government minister visiting the city is assassinated by two helmeted motorcyclists while his car is stuck in rush-hour traffic. A second investigation is launched, Operation Polygon.
D/I Faraday, Winter's erstwhile boss, is deeply involved in both enquiries. Working 18 hour days, with painstaking attention to detail, he begins to make progress - only to find himself suddenly sidelined from the mushrooming activities of Polygon. From now on, he must focus solely on the murder of the property developer.